Avex Advantages

  • Gives agents access to a personal brokerage office around the world

  • Organizes customers and leads for effective servicing
  • Reminds agents of their appointments and transaction deliverables
  • Provides agents with access to their contracts and documents anywhere
  • Sing contracts digitally and work in a paperless environment
  • Saves the agent the headache of dropping off deposit checks
  • Records all listing showing request and facilities appointments and follow up
  • Sends agent’s faces electronically through an e-faxing platform
  • Keeps all parties informed of the transaction details, timeframes & documents

  • Writes specific letters for client attention and follow up

  • Allows agents to close transactions without having to step foot in an office

  • Provides unlimited access to the broker staff for immediate assistance on files

  • Facilitates marketing materials efficiently for agents

  • Helps agents through on-demand video trainings on contracts and sales

  • Connects agents within the community for exchange ideas and knowledge

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